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Since the 1980s the way the world views communications has been radically transformed by technology— however the principle fundamentals of design communications remain the same and are not dictated by technology.


It All Started

Third Wave can trace it's beginnings back to when founder Paul Heaslip was a wee tot armed with a pencil and piece of paper. As the youngest of 8 children, from a young age Paul created original artwork such as birthday cards, drawings as gifts and interesting and novel creative characters for family and friends. The passion for art naturally grew over the years and the building buildings for future success were set.

Paul has always had a great interest in sports and athletics playing everything that was available. He also loves the great outdoors and remains and avid and active person in nature. However, design and problem solving was always a natural place to return to which an inherent curiosity and natural abilities and talents no matter the activity.

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Copyright © 1998–2019 Third Wave Creative. All Rights Reserved.



Copyright © 1998 – 2019 Third Wave Creative.

All Rights Reserved.

Third Wave Creative  •  Toronto, Canada

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