Who Is Third wave Creative?

Paul D. Heaslip

Design Director | Creative Strategist



Paul D. Heaslip RGD

During his career, Paul has been fortunate to work and partner with some truly outstanding people in organizations spanning diverse industries. As distinct as the people and businesses may be, the common thread is to produce top-notch work that enhances and progresses a brand identity while addressing the stated business need. After all you and your clients' growth and success is the ultimate goal.


Registered Graphic Designer (RGD) – Professional Member

Society of Graphic Designers Canada

Bachelor Environmental Studies / Fine Arts – University of Waterloo


A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense

Bruni Munari – Artist, Designer and Inventor (1907– 1998)



Third Wave Team

Third Wave Creative works with designers, production artists, photographers, copy writers, programmers and other creative professionals as required per project. Individual teams are tailored per job to ensure top quality results, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Third Wave is award-winning designer Paul D. Heaslip, and visa-versa.


Paul D. Heaslip