It's not about us— it's all about YOU!

Creating awareness through visual stories

The Third Wave story in two paragraphs

Just like you Third Wave has a story to tell. Over 20 years ago Paul Heaslip founded Third Wave Creative as a graphic design & communication studio while collaborating with other creative professionals and design agencies. Third Wave specializes in assisting clients develop market awareness through target specific design communications.

Paul has completed countless projects for dozens of organizations in various roles including creative director & strategist, graphic designer, brand consultant and production manager to name just a few. Regardless the genre, size or make-up of a business or organization or the type of service or product, success for Third Wave is achieved only when clients succeed— that may sound clichéd, but is what we strive for.


Third Wave helps organizations and individuals succeed by building brand awareness and personality to win hearts.


Design philosophy

We believe the essential purpose of design & communications is to facilitate the realization of a client’s strategic marketing objectives. Third Wave's design work meets the highest aesthetic standards, but is not just decorative or cosmetic. Our designs are goal oriented and purposeful that result in beneficial solutions for our clients.

Our work is not an “off-the-shelf” product or trendy generic fluff. Rather, our approach includes a strong planning component to the creative process and involves thinking big picture and long term for each individual client requirements. Beyond the rational intent of the message our designs convey, they also must convey a powerful emotional appeal that originates from the core of each client’s unique brand personality.

"A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.”

Bruno Munari – Artist, designer and inventor (1907-1998)

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Working together for your success.

Designing for Your Success since 1990

Toronto, Canada

Copyright © 1998–2018 Third Wave Creative. All Rights Reserved.


It's not about us—

it's all about YOU!


Copyright © 1998 – 2018 Third Wave Creative.

All Rights Reserved.

Designing for Your Success since 1990

Toronto, Canada